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Really just want to say hi


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doubt many of u remember me.... I was the black sheep of the site at one time!! :P

I come here once in a blue moon and read.... and not that anyone says anything bad, but it makes me hurt... maybe BC i can relate sooo much?

Spend most of my time on a recovery site ... I am an alcoholic... or what we call dual diagnoses... I got them to open up a dual diagnosed forum and chat, but people will admit they have an MI but are not comfortable talking about it...

Guess ii am just in limbo... but just wanted to touch base...


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Hi there,

I am a new member here so don't remember your "black sheep" days. :) Thought that I would say hello also. I think it is great that you participate in a recovery site. It is so important to know that this isn't just something that happens to us, but is something we can have some control over. I am here right now as I am very much going through a morning period in my life and felt the need for some extra support during this time. Anyway, I am off now, going to go read some posts.


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Hi JT :)

Welcome back hun - well I sure do remember you - Its good to see you again !!!!! :)

For what its worth I dont think you were like the black sheep of the family at all, you were always kind to me, and many others here. I know you have your bad days, dont we all, but thats when things get too much, and most of us understand what that is like.

Hope you stick around for a while, now that you have touched base :)

Take care hun

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