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How can I know if someone suffers from bipolar disorder/ or borderline disorder or if that someone suffer from antisocial disorder?

How can I tell the difference?

Does bipolar or borderlines lack remorse and empathy like antisocial people do?

Only a Psycharist knows how to diagnose these disorders and tell the difference between these psychatric disorders. Sometimes it takes more then one appointment for the Dr. to make a affimative diagnose.

In Bi POlar disorder they have extreme mood swings. Going from a manic state of mind where they talk extremely fast, and do not make good choices In their behavior. Then their mood will back into a deep depression. So severe that suicide it thought about and they can feel remorse for their behaviors , and feel their is no reason to live. In this state of mind a bi polar disorder individual can easliy commit suicide. I have seen it happen. However, with medication the Bi poler sufferer can become stabilized and not have these extreme mood swings.

Borderline Personality Disorder, their is no cure. But, as they become older their moods become more stable over time. Borderline's hate to be alone, and fear abandoment. They think in black or white terms, meaning there is no in between. It is either all or nothing. A lot of times Borderlines have a difficult ime coping with stress and inpersonal relationships. Their is a high incidence of early childhood absue in these people. Getting along with others can be comprimising, and sometimes , they will self harm, either to get their family\s attention or significant other. AND it can neither of these. Self harm is a way to cope , and is not necessarily a way to get noticed.

Their a lot of high functioning borderline personality disorder women who can hold jobs and function well. But still have the same issues to deal with . Their are a lot of Borderlines who are low functionig, this hsppens when their is other disorders involved, such as depression, Disociative disorders, extreme anxiety, paranoia, and do not want to deal with others due to the fact many relationships or friendships never worked out for them.

Anti social diorder is when somone apperar to not have a conscience. They are the ones who can become very dangerous to our society because they do not respect any rules and are law breakers. Since they do not seem to know right from wrong they can be and are veru cunning , thinking only of themselves and what they can profit out of it.

People who are borderline are very sensitive towards others and are not intentially go out to hurt others, only themselves. Borderlines "feel too much" a lot of times, therefore easily hurt emotionally.

As far as I know about Bi Polar individuals they are also not in it to hurt others, and have big hearts too. But they need to take the right medicaine to control the mood swings. Same as Borderlines, medication to treat the other symtoms they might have from other disorders.

Well I am diagnoses as borderline personality disorder as a teenager, and as a adult too. I have been in Psch hospitals and seen a lot of people with conditions . Including bi Polar.

hope this helps.

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Yeah, I don't think it's worth you trying to apply a diagnosis to someone else, greeneyes.

For one thing, in many disagreements with people who don't have any mental illness at all, it may seem that they lack remorse and empathy. The diagnosis requires considering all of the person's relationships, not just the relationship that we have with the person.

There are two sides to every question, when you're relating to another person. Trying to assign a diagnosis to them probably only obscures their side (and they do have one, and it's usually a valid one, in some sense) even further.

If you think of them as an enemy, or as an illness, I understand why you'd never try to see their side of things. On the other hand, if you think of them as a friend, you'd never stop trying to.

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Hi mscat and mailgn,

Im not out to diagnose anyone, it is a simple question only. I do know now that its not bipolar or borderline he suffer from, but like all others are saying to me on another board for help and recovery, and I have learned a lot over the past years about Ns and Ps, and as they say he do fit a N or P. Which is sad.

We know antisocial people have no conscience, remorse or empathy, they play evil games for their own gain. I only wanted to exclude what I already was about sure of, that bipolars and borderlines do not lack remorse or empathy and do not deliberately hurt others and threaten others for own gain.

Most probably a P does this.

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You cant bring for example an N or a P to go see a psychiatrist because in their mind nothing is wrong with them, and the few that does agree to get help do it to fool event the psychiatrist. Ps or Ns cant change. Does not want to change.

The ones who are not Ns or Ps can have a chance if they are willing. But usually it doenst work., as we know from great authors and experts in this field.

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