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I think this was in the wrong place before.

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Verbally abused?

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What do I do?


I am just looking to all of you for some opinions, thoughts, guidance.

How do you sort through all the mixed thoughts and emotions in your mind and body? It is hard for me to figure all of this out. Currently, due to lack of employment and finances, resources this is my only therapy. So any of your thoughts will be helpful I'm sure!

It is hard for me to decide or figure out what I am feeling from one minute to the next. One minute, I am bawling, thinking the people around me would be much happier and better off if I weren't here, and the next minute I am just so angry I want to throw something.......then about ten minutes later, I am laughing about something! I feel like I need to work on me before I can make any solid decision about wheather or not to leave my husband after 13 years of marriage.

Please, people give me whatever you can!


no longer... comfortably numb

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Sometimes we have or all over her but , I'm here oh & welcome to the community. What do you mean that you have to think first before leaving you husband. No. 1 you don't have to take any kin of abuse alot of times verbal abuse is worse than physical not that physical should you put up with that either. You probably of course have lost sel-esteem he will take every thought that you have and take or make it to his advantage. Ok I have asked other people this I understand finacially on going to therapy been there done that and still going through it. Do you have a mental health clinic in your area? It's not a hospital it goes through the Community Board Service in your city It is based where if you can't afford it you can go free of charge. Can you possibly do this it would help you & it will be one one & they have groups that you can go to for what you are going through. You are in crisis right now . Try & call them immediately!

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I live on disabiliity with my daughter who is also on it. It doesn't matter if you are the richest person in the world or poor as a church mouse. I also lost money and a good career but I had to to and I still am somehow surviving. Barely making it. You still go ahead and call OK! Talk to you later!!!!

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