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I want to face my fears!! But how do I get better with social anxiety??


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Well, it's not clear which you want to do: accept the "backtracking", or see how to be social again?

Assuming that you don't need medication for your anxiety (something that you might consider), the usual model is desensitization: try a little something that's not too difficult (saying Hi to a certain number of people per day, for instance), then gradually try more difficult things. You don't have to end up as a "butterfly" unless you want to, but you can gradually work up to at least having normal conversations.

Being "full of life again" probably won't be like a single act of will (like turning on a switch), but rather, a long series of small efforts that you will need to sustain. But if you want it enough, I'm sure it can be done.

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I took a job in a drugstore, after high school, which helped me a lot. I had a lot of anxiety about talking to people ... but when you have to, and it's just a job and not personal, it's easier. And you can work up gradually from "all business" to more conversational stuff, at your own pace.

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