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My children think I'm impulsive for instance if I do my hair real nice they think I'm up to something eg. Once I went to the bar and stayed there for 8 hrs and gotten really drunk another time on a friday night nobody was here I ended up at my cousin which I found only lived about 5 houses away and gone there and partied till 6 in the morning.

So now they call me an unsupervised child my ex use to call me that as well.

I don't think my impulsiviness is that bad? My life is actually pretty quiet and boring but I like it.

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Quiet and boring is sometimes better than "party all the time".

That is only my opinion.

Are there any feelings you're subconsiously trying to avoid and that is what helps you act on your impulsive thoughts?

Sorry if I touched on a tender spot.

No worries:) Sometimes impulsiveness helps like today I started feeling like a hideous and repulsive because of the ex.

So then out of the blue I bought a tank top that is little bit revealing and then did my hair really nice(my hair is down to my waist and black) and wore some shades and boy did the men ever look at me:D and for me that is a selfesteem booster.

I think tomorrow I'm going to do some situps,rowing machine,some weigh lifting and drink lots and lots of waters.

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