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Hi H2B - nice to hear from you again! :)

I have an opinion. While TA is a useful way of looking at things, I think it is overly simplistic. Human thoughts, feelings and actions are more complex that fitting them into Parent, Adult and Child categories would suggest.

That said, the games are very descriptive. We play "Why Don't You - Yes But" very often right here on the forum. But there is more to human psychology that P, C and A.

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Thank you Luna for that assesment, and I agree. In TA speak I would be a Parent Contaminated Adult with a Blocked Out Child (as near as I can figure)

But that falls far short in describing the whole me, in fact, I don't think there is a "Unified theory" that comes anywhere near being able to scientifically explain everyone. If there is, I would be keen to study this theory, no matter how simple, or complicated.

Good to be back,...I get depressed sometimes, get a wild hair to invent some earth-changing invention (delusions of granduer) get busy with trying to survive, get disillusioned with everything, etc. But I have found the only thing even approaching intelligent and caring people are only to be found amoung fellow psychos :(:o

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