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All these people young and old, that can't deal with the internet. I hear and read all these stories about teens commiting suicide. Because they were being bullied on facebook. An how parents media and gov't want to create new laws to govenor the internet. How about you #$%^& learn about the block button? If you don't like what people say on social media, then all one has to do is block them.The internet should stay the "Wild Wild West" and parents should start parenting their children.


I can't stand how people keep blaming McDonalds for making their little bundle of joy so Obese. Once again, News Media, Parents and Gov't want to blame someone else for the child hood obesity. I mean did the kids get a job and earn the money and then drive to the fast food place and walk in an order the food? No, who did? The parents. You have a brain and you can make your own decisions in life.


Why do people feel the need to act so stupid when they are behind the wheel. Today I was driving to the movies and some bleep was trying to stay on the bumper of the car in front of them. At the intersection there is a red light. Now the light is green and the car in the lead pulls over to the shoulder. The car trying to stay on it's bumper now pulls into the intersection and stops in the middle of it. Why you ask? To talk to the lead car. I can't make this up. I mean people wonder why car accidents happen and people get hurt or die. An where are the police when all this is happening? Nowhere to be found. ( Probably off eating donuts or arresting kids playing )

Im sorry it's long, but I had to vent.

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I hear ya....I believe that common sense is unfortunately something of the past. We now live in a society that must rely on someone telling us how to put one foot in front of the other. We are constantly having to make new laws to protect ourselves from ourselves. Common Sense and the Golden Rule are no longer taught...I appreciate that my parents did instill this things in me...but what do I know...I have to take Medications..LOl...really beginning to truly wonder if its me or society that has a mental disorder.

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