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my MMPI test...


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Last year I had taken a MMPI test & I was interested in understanding something that is said in the conclusion of that test report, which I have with me.

My MMPI code is 2-4-8. I did a search on wikipedia, and I know what the numbers mean. The number 2 stands for depression & I already knew that I have depression.

In the report, they have also given the interpretation of the code, in which they have said that such individuals mostly have a general mistrust of people, avoid personal relationships, have a exaggerated need for affection, have a paranoid personality, are psychopathological, manipulative, have inner conflicts about sexuality, are erratic, etc, etc. But I know that I dont have any of these problems.

Also in the conclusion it is given that 'the client's MMPI protocol is invalid as it is suggestive of Depression with Paranoid/Asocial/Schizoid Personality Disorder.'

Does this mean that this test is inconclusive, and that I am not having psychopathy or schizophrenia? And if it is so, why exactly has this report been concluded as invalid? Is it because someone with depression cannot have Paranoid/Asocial/Schizoid Personality Disorder at the same time?

Please let me know if you have any answers.


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Based on the wording it seems like the combination of diagnostic scale values was not consistent so the diagnosis should not be relied upon as accurate. This you have already figured out in that your symptoms don't match up with the personality disorders indicated. A professional could probably explain better; it might have something to do with mood disorders (depression) vs. personality disorders (the rest of them).

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