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whats the point


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Well, if you're already washed and dressed, that's that much less you have to do, on your next try! ;-)

Seriously, though, if you look at the old saying "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again", and if you insist on viewing tries that don't succeed as "failures", you immediately conclude that you have to keep "failing" until you succeed. Why not just call them "tries", instead?

Too, you don't have to finish your to-do list, "do everything that I needed to do"; you just need to start. One step at a time.

We're with you, Sue, as much as we can be.

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Meh. You know I've failed, quite a bit, myself.

What turned it around? Probably, something like believing that it could turn around.

Sweety, how are you "farther back than when you started"? When you left and we lost contact, I was worried I would never hear from you again. But, somehow during the time you were away, you improved.

And yeah, you met a guy who turned out to be an ass, but come on: there's no way to tell from the outside, otherwise asses would never have any dates. So instead of being hard on yourself for his being an ass, why not say, "I'm glad I got out in time and now it's time to go back to my search for my happiness"?

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Well, maybe you found out some more about who you are? And the fact that you didn't find out who he is right away doesn't really come into it.

"How messed up can I get?" Well, if you were like me, you could've stayed with him for seven years. Granted, mine didn't hit, but it was still abuse and I stayed. As soon as you saw it, you did what had to be done. I don't think you messed up as badly as you think.

I challenge you to identify a fire. :-P

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Okay, I understand that those feelings burn.

Can you see that they're not burning, out in the outside world, though?

Homeless people have no roof over their head. People who don't belong anywhere don't have a place like this site to come to. People who are completely alone in this world have no one to say all of this to. Of course you miss your kids; when won't you? Didn't you miss them while you were still happy with 'H'?

I guess what I'm saying is not that the fire doesn't exist, but that it exists in a place where only you can fight it. We'll help, by giving you feedback, but in the end, you have to decide who you are and where you belong.

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I had half of my life story all typed out to you as a reply yesterday, I lost in cyberspace!

FRUSTRATING is sometimes how I view technology.

So very simply put, I understand completely about missing your children. If you are curious about what I typed yesterday, send me a PM and I will respond as soon as I can.

Have some ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) today, YOU deserve them!!!!

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Sue, I hope you don't wee yourself, after you go in. :-)

I admire the effort you're putting into turning this around.

Would you consider talking to a therapist about skills to help you through? I know you've heard a lot of the talk, but maybe you'd hear it differently, now?

Just a thought.

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