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Career Depression/Anxiety?


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Hi all,

I just read an article on this site - What do you do when you don't know what to do. The article and the user comments, made me feel like I'm not alone on this journey. I have to admit I've been struggling with this feeling for a long time now. Been working out of college for the last 10 years, most of the jobs I've had - I liked my co-workers but I wasn't in love with the actual job. I've noticed that I have a pattern of breakdowns every other month, sometimes every month. Breakdowns to me are when I start to get this anxious/depression feeling, a gloomy cloud settles on top of my head and I have a hard time focusing on anything. I cry and have a self pity session. This usually will last for about an hour or so, always happens at the end of the day when I'm at home. Sometimes it happens when I'm searching for jobs online, or writing a resume. I bet some of you have had these moments and after it passes you're exhausted and you can't seem to get back on track. Luckily these breakdowns haven't happened at work, only a couple of times.

I guess I'm writing to see how other people deal with this. Does therapy work? I was going for therapy but I felt that I didn't need to be there anymore.

thanks for reading.


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Guest ASchwartz

Hi and Welcome,

It sounds to me as though the bigger problem you have is depression and anxiety. This is probably related to career issues but other issues as well. I suggest you try psychotherapy. There are many excellent Pyschologists and Clinical Social Workers availabe.

I am also wondering about responses from other people with similar issues.


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