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I am helpless. I dont blame anyone,they have their own lives and dont need to complicate theirs. My husband,mother and brother are sicker than me. Unfortunatly I have a mental illness(a history) and I do not have any rights. I am seriously being mentally abused by my husband. He wants to humiliate me.I love my pills. I set my alarm to take them on time and he knows it. My mom she is a mess and I think he is checking up on me on here. I have no where to go and he knows it and my brother. What a horrible situation I am in. Oh one more thing my character doesnt speak for itself, it should. I want out of here so bad.Do I have a chance???To many people against me,trust me.You would not believe the games he is playing.I cant believe it,seriously and no one eles would either.What happen to the man I thought I married? I do suspect my mom and brother might know they chime in,it is so sad.My support consist of being sabatoged, saying I am a rotten person,I deserve this,and I will never make it,medicate her(this is the strongest I have been and it scares them) I know in my heart I am different from them,I didnt get their malicious personalities.HELP!!

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