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What is this called?


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(may be triggering for some)

Okay, so in my sexual quest to find out more about my weird sex stuff, I have compossed a list of all my parapheilas to try and find a connection or over arching one, and i can't.

Also note, I have never done any of this. It is merely my desires/fantasies.

Here is the list:


Autoerotic asphixiation (a tiny bit)

Biastophilia/Raptophilia (very much so)

Dacryphilia (very much so)

Erotophonophilia (I'm not sure, but I am really into fantasizing about it at times.)

Somnophilia (only when they wake up so they are raped in sheer fear)


Some Bondage

A Resisting and fighting (rape) victim

Um, I think that is it. I know most of this has the underlying thing of power, but other than that, I am not 100% sure. Maybe part of it has to do with fear? Rejection?

Just to be clear, I do not want to "cure" this, I just want to figure it out. If there is like some underlying theme or element, or something. Power and rejection do not seem to satisfy me. It does not feel like a complete answer. I want to know if there is name for something like this, or anything really that I can research further.

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