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Another Perspective On Homosexuality/LGBT

Guest GingerSnap

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Guest GingerSnap

I realize this is a "psychological" forum and not a religious one but in reality, some brought up with conventional religious views, can't just depart from what they have been taught despite what the "psychological" community may come up with. What I hear most often is that their is a message of "hate" toward people that make up the LGBT community or whatever is the appropriate term but this is not true of the majority of people. There was a suicide in the small town where we reside and there was much turmoil because they were saying the person felt hated and without hope because he was gay. I firmly believe the hate may come from within and be based on the religious teachings that one received and this is not easily altered by changing laws or someone telling you that what you were taught is not correct - the very basis and core of your soul. I am providing a link to a video of a young man and he is the most impressive speaker that I have hear in a long time. I actually lived in the city where this is taking place and it is a very neutral area with a diversity and acceptance in general. It is not my intention to "convert" anyone but for those that are really struggling with the religious issue, this is worth a couple minutes of your time. This guy is just so impressive and I have so much compassion for him. I am not judging anyone in this but in other matters, I understand all too well how difficult it is to go against what you have been taught is right. Anyway, this is the link and I ask tolerance from the website and understanding that sometimes the heart/soul can't reconcile with the head: http://www.awakenmanhattan.com/media-a-resources/videos

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Sigh... here is something I think might be good to look at.


Look at the third minute, for the part most relevant.

Anyway, Jehovah won't save people from biological wiring. I feel that genetics, environment, and other factors are in play.

Though I regret most of the Christian Theology, pretty much all of the Old Testament.

Only through knowledge and open minds will we realize the truth; and that truth is much more complex than any of us can imagine. Sexuality is a very complex thing, as it comes from the mind. The mind is a very complex thing, and sometimes, you can't narrow down something to such small and vivid definitions. I feel that in time, we will find that there is a whole wide spectrum to sexuality. Sexuality isn't just "straight/gay/bisexual". It is much more complex and deep than that. We are very sexual creatures, something we were intentionally created with.

Anyway, Lucifer help you. Compassion/pity on them is better than hate, but many still have a way to go before truly understanding homosexuality.

I hope you will find the answers through your own reasoning and knowledge, and not rely on others to accept the truth from unquestioningly. Mote it be, and hail Satan!

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I was hoping this would get moved to the faith forum, but here is my response.

I feel the speaker didn't deliver on the promise of "another perspective." I find nothing here that is not in the basic evangelical rhetoric against gays.

  • Sideways advocation of theocracy: check (cf 5:12 to 5:20 of the video).
  • Comparing same sex attraction to drunkenness: check.
  • "Love the sinner" bit which is contradicted by actions: Check.
  • Bunch of quotes from Paul: Check.
  • Assumption of a nefarious "Gay Agenda" (you might as well worry about a "red-haired persons agenda," because that's about how organized we are): Check (see 9:46-48).

Maybe I missed something. What do you think was different about the speaker's perspective? What is the takeaway from this video that is different from the prop 8 rhetoric a couple years ago in California? It seems to me that the Anti-gay "agenda" is much more active than any polemical fantasy of a gay conspiracy against Christians.

Moving from words to actions, why do you think that most outside observers view Christians as a bunch of self righteous busybodies obsessed with others' sex lives?

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Tolerance. Okay this term is overused. I'd rather say understanding. They aren't the same thing? NO. They are not. People need to understand, not just tolerate, but you cannot make them see this. They have to be ready on their own. I was in a dark place a while ago. I couldn't give any good advice, because in order to help others, you have to help yourself. LOVE is the key. You need not persuade these people who "try" to oppress you. I've been there. Be yourself and if they don't like it, tell them to hit the road. Sometimes that's all you can do. If they won't accept you for whom you are, then they aren't a true friend.

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