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Why do I go though these "nimpholike" phases?

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Is there something wrong with me if I go through nimpholike phases? Well I know there is something wrong with me in my head, I just don't know what it is.

I go through these spells that are completely opposite. One week, I just can't get enough, the next week I don't want to be touched. the next week, it is just a simple "if it happens, it happens". Then it starts all over again..

I just don't get it.

Can anyone else understand these things?

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To hard to tell for certain. I had this procedure (permanent birth control) called Essure done, which sorry for TMI, made me lose way too much blood. So then I had another procedure called Hydroplasia (I think) done which was like a really warm really long lasting dusche done by the doc. The last procedure has made it so that if I have any type of knowledge of a cycle going on, it is only spotting. I was lucky enough to not get cramps. I feel bad for the ladies that do.

I still have all of my female organs they all work, I just don't bleed anymore, so it really is too difficult to tell if it has anything to do with my cycle or not.

Once again, I apologize if this was TMI for anyone reading.

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Hi VA :)

"if in doubt get it checked out", it might be worth discussing with your GP/Dr.

Is it possible that the extremes you are experiencing, have anything to do with mood swings. IDK, I can only go by my own experiences, but I know with me, when I am hyper or in a good mood, well thats when I'm more inclined to want sex, and intimate contact, however when I am grouchy and down in the dumps I dont want anyone near me, and well you can kiss goodbye any idea of having sex. :) :)

Take care

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I'm a guy but this happens to me too. No idea if it's supposed to be a problem or not. My dr. has never asked me about fluctuations, so I never really worried about it. I'd like to know if it is something that can be helped with, but I'm already on meds which are supposed to blunt sex drive (as a side effect) and they seem to have that effect only during the phases of less nympho-like drive.

Y'know, what I really thought is that high drive is the normal state and lower drive is due to aging. :confused:

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I am only in my thirties, female. Isn't this supposedly when women go through their sexual peak?

Oh yeah I remember hearing that. I'm similar age but male, so lamentably I am allowed to blame age (yes, I would like some cheese with my whine, thank you very much). I happen to be gay so lady stuff is a mystery to me, even more so than for the average guy. I do have some girl friends though who now that you mention it do seem to be quite... peak-ish, if you could call it that.

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I think your nimpholike dilemma or hypersexual state at some instances maybe due indeed to the medications or medical procedures you’ve gone through. hypersexuality is characteristically linked with lowered sexual inhibitions, and several drugs or even alcohol can affect an individual's social and sexual inhibitions.

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