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I've been taking my meds on a regular basis, but this week I've been having really low moods and I can't seem to shake it. Most times, the lows come and then the highs sweep it away but it's been over a week and my low mood is getting worse. Any advice on how to shake it before it gets out of my control?:confused:

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Sorry you feel this way.....When I get down (lost my mother just recently) I alway pick myself up by getting outside... take a walk..... listen to some upbeat music, talk to my pets(4 cats 1 dog....I do both sides of the converation).... make a list of positive things in my life......call someone to vent or cook a new receipe....cookies... brownies( I am also a little overwieght).....sometimes just a smell will change your mood. I also do a lot of reading......murder mysterys......takes me out of my own life for a while and in to someone elses. I hope maybe something here will help.

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