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MEMORIES - life of their own ?


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Hello, Lagrima. The information you post is interesting. I've been taking some courses myself in psychology and recently studied PTSD. I've learned a lot of clinical stuff, and even started trying to speak with a clinical voice. There is a lot that goes on in the brain from a biological standpoint. But, I think, more importantly, is the human aspect of understanding and helping others. If I do become a therapist one day (I'm studying to), I think it will be helpful to know such information...but it is not something I would apply in the absence of real, genuine, and caring connection. Every person is a unique individual and I'd want to get to know them inside, how they felt about themselves, how they viewed the world, how they related to others. I'd want to form a trusting relationship with them and offer support.

Sometimes talking very intellectually can be a way to protect oneself from confronting emotions. As a member of our community, we would like to get to know you a little better. My name is Beth, and it is nice to "meet" you. Is there anything that you'd like to share about yourself?

I'm going to move your thread to General Support, okay?

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Hi Lagrima :)

Do you identify with either of these :- ?

1. A 'complex'

2. False memory syndrome.

I realise that this may be your way of trying to express how you are feeling or what may be troubling you. It is just so very difficult for me to offer you support, even though I truely want to, because with me its hard to relate to a person when its just a series of questions even if they are intelligent and purposeful. I hope that I have not offended you, as I only want to be able to help, in some way thats all :o

Oh, forgot to say my name is Sue, hi again.

Take care

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And what is even great about it is the choice of anonymity you give to the

members . ( please don't mind if i prefer this mode at the moment . )

I want you to feel welcome and express yourself as you feel comfortable with doing so. So take things here at your pace.

At times ' date=' this ' intellectual ' or ' non emotional ' need may seem to override

in some individuals .. one can't really help their uniqueness , can they ?[/quote']

Yes, uniqueness is a wonderful thing, I agree. I'm at the opposite end of that spectrum...extremely emotional.

often ' date=' getting at the root of it .. or somewhere deeper , does help release a lot of anxiety .[/quote']

I hope you are able to gain a better understanding of this, lagrima. Anxiety can be very distressing.

something invisible ' date=' inside your head , almost like a personality you are supposed to deal with .

if you are found talking to this ' entity ' .. this is abnormal behavior ![/quote']

I think there are a lot of different aspects to our personalities, and sometimes there can be internal conflicts. You're trying to find your way to a state of equilibrium and this can be challenging.

and sometimes actually ' battling ' with it may result in ' feeling better ' ..

Yes, confronting things can be helpful. I think it's great that you are taking steps to do that, lagrima.

Take care.

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if you are found talking to this ' entity ' .. this is abnormal behavior !

Well, there are some people who see that as "abnormal", but what matters is whether it interferes with your functioning in the world, in my opinion. When I concentrate, I often find myself muttering to myself. I don't see that as a problem, for me.

At times , this ' intellectual ' or ' non emotional ' need may seem to override in some individuals

I also think a non-emotional orientation is well within whatever "normal" means. It took quite a bit of work for me to tune into my own emotions, especially when I was younger. The only trouble that I see is that anything can be taken to extremes. Even if we are not in touch with our feelings, or don't understand them, we all have them. I see it as a function of individual growth to be able to use all of the tools we were given, intellect and feeling.

To me, the difficulty with exploring the topic of "False Memory Syndrome" is the need to come up with reliable external evidence that contradicts our memory. For so many things, such evidence is hard to find. In the end, we have to trust ourselves, to a certain extent.

What is the significance, to you, of a 'Complex' having its own body? Does it take on an identity (even a partial one) of its own? Is it the 'entity' that you battle with? Would it help, or hurt, to introduce us to it?

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Yes, Carl Jung. I have thought of these "fragmentary personalities" as different parts of myself. I think it makes a great deal of sense.

You call them ' False ' because you don't really know the source .. one can

and does try to introspect to get some leads ..

Lack of conscious awareness of origination doesn't necessarily mean "false"' date=' I don't think. There is a point, as Malign said, where you have to trust in yourself.

How you deal with it , try to get rid of it ... has much to do with your

equilibrium , the so called ' normal ' emotional state .

Maybe it's not so much about getting rid of it, but more about integrating it and blending it and finding the way to your whole self.

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Do you ever wish, lagrima, that you were more connected with your emotions?

Do you listen to any music? There are certain kinds of music that make me cry or give me goosebumps and chills. When I'm connected with those positive emotions, I feel completely relaxed and whole. I also enjoy writing poetry. If I look at something beautiful and allow my senses to take everything in...the sights, sounds, smells...it can be very self-connective for me. Then I put it to words and the process feels very soothing. Of course there are also times when my emotions are so strong that they cause me a lot of discomfort. So I'm trying to find balance as well. It's challenging.

Take care, lagrima.

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