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I have been trying to say something that might make sense but, rite now the way I feel I personally don't care. I just feel so angry that I can't sleep. When I saw my therapist yesterday she said you have to sleep that's why I am on overload. Well tonite I'm thinking no shit have been on 4 to 5hrs. a nite sometimes no sleep at all. Even with my meds. it no longer works. I can't even help anybody rite now because I have to decide for myself on how to get on or even ahead. There is so much going on now everybody especially the nursing home it's driving me where I don't want to answer when they call. Yeah then who will take care of her NOBODY. Life as I see it now mind you I said this about myself is very bleak. Haven't felt this bad in about 5yrs. I didn't know I would ever be this low again. On my last straw.

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Hi there,

I can relate to the no sleep - its so very frustrating :(

I go days on end without sleep - you know it gets to the point where i no longer feel like a zombie - I am one :(

You have my deepest sympathy :)

Im sorry life is so hard for you.........

Were here and listening :)

Take care

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