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Can't get out of bed


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Hi Ramona123

Im sorry you are struggling :(

Taking the pills each time you wake up - isnt going to help you, though I can understand to a degree why you are doing this :(

Dreams can be really frightening cant they ?

Do you want to share with us a little more about whats making you so depressed ?

Were here for you and listening :)

Take care

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I've been unable to get out of bed for two whole days now. I just don't see the point. It is so painful to be awake that I've been taking a sleeping pill everytime I wake up. I wish my dreams were as sweet as they once were. Where can I find release from this pain?

I am sorry life is so hard for you right now. Do you have any support from friends or family? Are you currently seeking help from therapy? Or a Dr. for depression? Sometimes it is best to get help for yourself when things get really hard like this.

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