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i have a friend who has lost trust in true relationships and is currently playing around with emotions of guys. she makes friends with them , gets physical and if they become serious she leaves them. i have told her many a times that what she is doing is not good and she should change and be back to what she was 6 months ago but she says tht ur not understanding my point of view ,please accept me for who i am or leave me alone. i think she is doing this because she is very much hurt as her last bf left her to go abroad and she was and still is very much in love wid him.he left her 1.5 year ago.

i tried to explain a lot but she wont understand.please help as i have began to love her and i cant see her like this. i did tell her my feelings but she told methat she doesnt love anyone except her ex and she only considers me as a friend. no-one except me knows all this as i somehow made her confess. i dont know how should i make her understand and change

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Hi virtua 1989 :(

I think its good that you care for your friend enough to try and help her.

The thing is though, no matter how much it may hurt or upset you that your friend is 'playing the field' for want of a better term (sorry - dont know how to word it), it is her choice. Maybe she just isnt ready for another serious relationship - and only wants to have some fun.

It sounds like the break up from her previous partner really hurt her, break ups really do hurt a lot.

I think she is right when she asks you to accept her for who she is. Thats all parts of her, even when she is sad and recovering from a break up - and not quite being her usual self, or when she is happy and having fun.

Be her friend, stand by her, its good she can trust and confide in you.

Maybe the thing you might want to consider is, perhaps she dosnt need to change - she is just letting loose and being herself.

Sorry if I have not said what you would like to hear, and I hope that I havent offended you in anyway.

Take care

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