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The fog and the weight!


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Hi guys. Not been on for a while.

I am on SeroquelXR 400mg nightly. My problem with this is the fog that lingers the nxt day. I am unable to wake myself up, I sleep through three alarms. Only way I can get up is by physical shaking and shouting or constant phonecalls till I'm concious. My GP suggested that I take it earlier in the evening. Makes no difference.

What seem bizarre to me is that it doesn't knock me into sleep, once Ive taken it I can stay up for hours, it's just once I'm asleep, that is it!!

Also since starting it I have put on 2 stone. People tell me that I look healthy and womanly now and that before I was Victoria Beckham-esque!! I don't see that. What I know is that I was always slim, So my idea of me is slim and sexy. Now my clothes are limited as I don't have money to buy new ones. I have always taken pride in my appearence, now I jst feel bloated and fugly!

I know I'm not fat, but compared to my previous body I am!

I have a pdoc apptmnt friday. Do any of you know of any alternative drugs that wont leave me a fat zombie?

I spose I should add the positive benefits of taking this medication. I am a great deal more stable on them. In a bit of a dwn funk at the moment, hopefully this will sort itself out. But this is the longest I've felt one way or the other since starting meds.

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Guest ASchwartz

Hi Misty,

Welcome back.

I know there are other drugs but I do not have expertise in how you might be affected by others nor do I know the names of those. So, I guess it's best that you talk to your pdoc and report all of your side effects. Sorry you are going through this. You most certainly have my support and I hope you let us know how things go with your pdoc on Friday. It's just so frustrating and even scary.


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Ask about Geodon. I've lost all my Seroquel weight since being on it. Not to say it will work for you, but I started on Seroquel and was then switched to Geodon because of akathisia.

Abilify also has less of a weight-gain profile.

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Thanks guys.

I shall ask about geodon, read a little about it the other day.

Something needs to be done, I'm on the cusp of getting ill, so hopefully he can sort me out.

I already have restless legs, always have had in adult life. So wouldnt notice if it got worse tbh! lol!

Got a lot going on and really cannot afford to be getting ill.

Thanks again. xxXXxx

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Well Pdoc had put me on abilify. Gp should have my script ready by tuesday at the latest. Then it 10mg of abilify whilst coming off the seroquel and then 15mg.

Pleased that the fog will cease soon, but I know people that have put weight on whilst taking this. Fingers crossed im one of the lucky ones and that wont be the case with me. :)

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