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Metacognitive Behavior Therapy for Schizophrenia and Psychosis

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This site includes a number of pdf files that can be downloaded for free provided they are being used in a non-commercial format. Individuals who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or family members/spouses wishing to help could work through the documents independently or together. I know of one mother who is currently trying to bring a small group together to work through the material using both Skype and online discussion.

The past decade has witnessed a shift in our thinking and treatment of schizophrenia. Psychopharmacological treatment with neuroleptics still represents the primary form of therapy. However, the past deep-rooted reservation against psychotherapy for schizophrenia is now being increasingly questioned. In view of the high numbers of patients who show little or no response to neuroleptics or who discontinue treatment because of side-effects and lack of insight (Byerly, Nakonezny, & Lescouflair, 2007; Elkis, 2007; Voruganti, Baker, & Awad, 2008), the research on complementary psychotherapeutic and cognitive treatment strategies is gaining increasing importance...

Download (cycle A & B, 16 sessions): The free download is permitted on the understanding that any commercial use is prohibited. Copyright regulations apply (e.g., no manipulation of material, no incorporation of slides into other programs without prior consultation of the authors). You can download the modules via the below links. You are a clinician or researcher and would like to receive the manual as a free pdf document along with the yellow and red card as well as review articles? Please register online. If you administer the Metacognitive Training for Schizophrenia Patients (MCT), please send us a short notification. We are grateful for both comments and criticism.

Source: Metacognitive Training for Patients with Schizophrenia

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Absolutely Tess.....Thank God the shift is underway.

There is fierce resistance, naturally, as there is lots of profits to be lost by the pharmagiants that incidiously fund research and universities that 'indoctrinate' our psychiatrists/psychologists with their propaganda.

I know personally what it is like to have been 'diagnosed' as such, and used as a guinnea pig experimenting with lethal legal drugs to interfere with my quite perfectly responding internal chemical producing factory, which responds as it does with most, quite well and in direct response to the thinking and beliefs 'chosen' or held by oneself.

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