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can't take the loneliness


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I haven't been in any relationship for many years now, I was actually ok with that since I have had a couple of failed relationships in my life that had left me with trust issues. But now as time has passed by and I am in my prime of life and committed to care for my mother which leaves me isolated from most of the world I find myself wondering if I will ever find love again. I have experienced and accomplised many things in my life and deep down I think I have lots to offer. But again I have trust & abandonment issues I must overcome. Also my situation makes it very hard to get out and meet new people. I am so tired of being caregiver I just want to escape it all, It hurts to see the friends I do have enjoy the life with their significant others and family, I have no children and don't ever plan on having any of course this late in life. I don't like feeling the loneliness, it could be due to my situation, but still would love to have some intmacy with another someday. It me to late for that, must get use to it somehow. I am tired of crying and having no one to depend on when times are tough. Don't even know I why Im compelled to post this. Just have no one to talk to about it.

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Haven't been on here for awhile since I also found out some things about my situation. I'm sorry you feel lonely, I also don't have anybody to talk to. It would be nice to have somebody to listen to and be here for me. I also feel that you are under alot of pressure [damn that was stupid to say] How is things going medically for your mom? And of course your medical! I understand completely the mental anguish you are feeling. I wish I was there for you & you here for me [it would be like partners in crime HUH!!!!!!]

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