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So recently was chatting with a very gorgeous young lady.

We'd been close on a few occasions, but ultimately she ended up with someone else - and thats cool, I wasn't massively bothered about it.

Anyways, its summer and there are festivals around - many of which you can try your hand at some hand drumming classes etc. I asked her if she is planning to be at any etc etc.

"No" came the reply "Im cant ride my horse or drum for 3 months after my surgery". Having had my surgery last year in which some intestine was cut out, I asked further about the surgery. She replied she has had her breasts enlarged.

Thinking she was joking I went with it and made fun of her, and then asked again. Turns out, this woman REALLY did have her breasts enlarged. I apologised of course, and then just asked........well, why?

She was never happy with the size of her breasts, she couldnt wear the clothes she wanted. Then she kicked up a gear and said how people judge and think its just vanity, but she has all these good reasons as to why she needs bigger breasts. Understand this is the UK, we arent in Hollywood - cosmetic surgery is still a bit out of the ordinary here.

I said I wasn't judging but that I never once figured she'd need anything like that. She said most of her life she coped with these "non breasts" but now she realised there is something she can do about it, she will improve on nature and get to where she wants to be. Its like buying a £20 from TOPMAN, but when you can afford the real high priced clothes, they will make you look better!

Again I just reminded that the fight she is having (about vanity etc) really wasnt with me. And I never broached the subject as far as I wanted to, as I dont think she would welcome it, but I couldnt help thinking wow what a shame. Never once in the time I knew her did her breast size enter my head. Ok looking at it now, yeah she doesnt have two spheres the size of globes shifting all objects out of her path, but no way did I feel she was less attractive or less of a woman. Wow, her body was very athletic and I did have some fun times there. But it just occured to me, how could someone so obviously gorgeous feel like less of a woman..............does anyone see where Im going with this?

P.S. one of the questions she fired "of course I feel like less of a woman. If you had a tiny dick wouldnt you feel like less of a man?" - luckily Im well versed and many jokes came from me about how microscopic my penis is and how I still feel a man, humour masked the issue there, but OUCH!!!

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