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Female or male therapist?

Do which therapist do you prefer?  

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Does anyone have a preference between seeing a male or female therapist? I was refered to a male therapist as I have an issue trusting and being comfortable around men. I guess the thought was if I had a male therapist it would help me learn to trust and be open. However, lately I can't help but wonder if I'd be better off with a female therapist. I'm in therapy due to self esteem and relationship issues and perhaps a female therapist would better understand what I'm going through.

I've been seeing a therapist for over a year but I don't feel a change. He always commends me on my progress but I don't feel any difference in my life. I feel he helps me in session but I'm yet to learn coping skills I can use outside of session. So another question is has anyone changed therapists? I'm to the point where I'm wondering if I should change therapists or stick with it.

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Hello, Bella6,

I was absolutely sure I need a male therapist, so I've chosen a man and I've never regretted it. So in my case, I'm sure this was very important. But everybody is different, there are surely cases where it's not so important. However, you could discuss this with your therapist and possibly try to find a new, female therapist. I think this kind of decision is very difficult :)... (I don't have an experience with changing therapists.)

I now I didn't help :), but I wanted to at least contribute by my experience :o...

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Normally I don't think it matters much; it's just a personal preference. In your case though, you are seeking help specifically because you are not as comfortable around men, so I cannot understand why a male therapist would be recommended:mad: I've heard of exposure therapy, but working with a male therapist from day one seems like jumping into the deep end.

Just my $0.02 - not saying a male therapist is automatically the wrong choice but since you don't feel you've made progress after a year, a change is warranted, IMHO.

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I have been helped by male and female therapists over the years.

I remember actually getting on my high horse once (yeah I was a teen) and demanding a female therapist, or that was it I werent gonna do jack !!!

Like they somehow owed me - wierd, Ive aged a little since then - thankfully B)

What I did find strange, was that although, I really only wanted the female therapist, so that I could talk about the more personal issues I needed help with, I opened up more to my male therapist - and I really dont trust men.

I guess it doesnt really matter what gender your therapist is - as long as they are good at there job, patient, understanding, Oh, and you dont have a personality clash with them.

And when you do find a therapist that does help you - keep hold, coz good ones arent as easy to find as you think.

Take care ;)

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