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I am having a hard time rite now. I am reading post and pm some. I have replied on posts it's not that I can't be on here it's just that I'm trying to do so many things at one time with myself that it's hard rite now to concentrate. Usually I'm more efficient with everything in order but, at this time I'm definitely not. I enjoy being on here I wish my brain would function to where I could think for myself. I'm coping with thoughts that I really don't like to think about. I am kinda closing in to where I live day to day moment to moment & waiting for the sky to please fall in. Want to leave but, got to wait for somebody to e-----

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Hi Leo,

Im sorry things are so harsh for you right now :)

You have ever such a lot to try and cope with.

You do ofcourse realise, that waiting for the sky to fall in, could well proove to be a very long wait....... Ive been waiting for years for that too happen - it never does :)

Were here for you - like you are here for us. I know you have helped me a great deal recently - thankyou :o.

Im sorry for your pain and I truely hope things become easier for you soon.

Take care

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