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I have been on here some in the last couple of weeks. I am basically just taking time to get my thoughts together. Yes I have been angry, upset and a couple of other really things that I just am dealing with the way I have to. Basically I have shut myself down. I am not really doing anything at this time but basically staying at home watching TV which is hard to concentrate on when I keep surfing channels. I just want to feel like I didn't have a care in the world. This I know is a fantasy but right now I have to. I enjoy reading the posts it does make me smile because everybody is very intuitive. I will get a hold of myself. I am having PTSD flashbacks so severe that I barely eat,or sleep. I really know that when I see my new psych. with seeing my therapist on the same day I pray that they will help me get more insight. I'm sorry for the way I have replied to some of you. Right now as I'm sitting here doing this I'm crying out. I am just trying to keep myself going. I am here for my daughter don't know how but, I am doing that!

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Guest ASchwartz


You are having a tough time. You know yourself best and, if you really need to step back from here, OKay. I hope you stick with us rather than shut down. Also, you need not apologize for anything.


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