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I like soft, pretty music. :) Probably not surprising.

I like to write poetry and short stories. I'm also very interested in psychology. Sports too...

Interesting that both of you like the rain. My favorite time of the year is October... when the leaves are pretty colors and the air is brisk. Invigorating. :o

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I love the rain, the sound of it can be extremely soothing, the way it cleanses the streets, and refreshes the air, the puddles the rain forms........... Also I just like walking in it, its kinda just nice :o (plus I get to splosh in the puddles :)) so many things about the rain I enjoy :)

I like art (most forms of art) and poetry and ofcourse music.

Autumn can be very beautful IJ, and fun.....................

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its cool that we have simular intrests. likes. thats how good friendships start. im on my moms computer so each day i have to get offline when she wakes up. i live in oregon. where if you dont like the weather just wait 5 min and itll change. thats a true statment most of the time durring surten times of the year.

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