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This is just me venting.

I am soooooooooooo sick of depression! Same thing every day for 19 years now. I am really, truely, sick to death of it! argh! I would give my left arm and right leg (and probably a kidney too) to have one day without this blasted mental illness! Heck I would even give one of my lungs to get a taste of happiness!

End of vent ;P

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I was until about 2 weeks ago but now my free sessions have run out. Here in Australia you get between 12 and 18 free sessions of psychotherapy a year, depending on your needs (the government pays for it). I won't get any more until next year.

I'm thinking since psychotherapy didnt really help, I might try that hynotherapy jazz next. I still need to research it a bit more first. Allegedly if you get it done by a GP (who has training in it), then you can claim it on medicare. It's the only thing (other than ECT) that I haven't tried yet.I've asked a lot of people about it, some say its great, some say it sucks. But my view is "don't knock it 'till you've tried it"! :)

Not sure what kinda things that hypnotherapy can actually do, I still gotta read up on it a bit more! Might help, even if its in a minor way..even if it can help reduce my stress levels that would be a big improvement!

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Guest ASchwartz

In my opinion, and it's only an opinion and others are welcome to disagree, hypnotism does not work, at least, not for things like depression, if it works for anything at all.

EMDR could be a much better option for you.


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laugh at yourself?

there something interesting that happens when you think to yourself 'I am so depressed' (in a solemn broken way), vs, Wow! this depression is the most intense depression I have ever felt! I don't even know if people survive stuff like this! Crazy!

works for me sometimes..

but guess ur kinda doin that already --- somtimes youtubing one of alan watss's lectures on life and death are comforting..specifically the one's with relaxing music in the background. The english accent makes all the more inspiring.

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