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Over the last month my life has been very stressful to the point I thought I couldn't function thank goodness kids keep my busy.

Well anyway I've noticed that when I'm very stressed I can't sleep around 1-2 hours everynight which the next day I even felt more edgy and stressed. So I had a sister give me some sleeping pills so I can sleep and I would wake up feeling a little bit better and not so strung up and then over time I stopped taking med sleeping better I'm more relaxed and able to think over what has happened with the ex and not get so upset.

The question is I've noticed that less sleep brings on more stress. Does anyone else noticed the similiarties?:confused:

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Lack of sleep makes me more emotional, ratty, and my mood swings so quickly that Im left wondering whether I should laugh or cry !!! :):(

Im pleased the sleeping tablets worked for you when you neeed them to. :)

Take care

I've noticed that taking sleeping pills is too easy and possibly addicting so what I've done weaned myself off of them.

At the moment I'm not taking any because my sleep has become better and only use it when I really need it. And hopefully no more of this severe stressful periods.:)

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