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It's been a long time since I've been on here, concerned about my boyfriend's mental health and the constant crisis in our relationship. A lot has happened since then and things are both much more clear now and much more confusing. The clear part is that I should have gotten out of the relationship a long time ago, because there is something seriously disordered in his mind. The confusing part is that the man I fell in love with, and had so many years of good memories with, turned into a monster who basically tried to kill me a few weeks ago:( I know several people on here had warned me about violence with him, but I naively ignored that advice and stuck it out in order to attempt to "help" him. But I've wised up now and know that there's no way I can take him back after this. Anyway, I guess I'll be posting in the "Abuse" forum, because I could really use talking to some people who have been through stuff like this. Hopefully I can work through all this and get to a place where I can accept what happened and move on.



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Guest ASchwartz


A hearty welcome back to you. You are free to post in any forum you wish.

Yes, it so often happens that the person we first fall in love with turns out to be very different from what we thought.


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