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I would like you to know I'm trying to come back the one reason I haven't been here I think I have realized the way I have been emotionally I have no wisdom thoughts to give. I read the posts and say to myself damn been here through some of the same things and just can't respond. It's not that I don't want to it's that my mind won't click in to answer.

I know rite now I haven't been livivg on the outside so I keep everything on the inside it's a coping mechanism I learned many YEARS ago that way I can protect myself from feelings that I don't like and of course my thought process is not working properly. My new med. Celexa is keeping alot of my anxiety away. The new psych. is also taking me off Aplenzin I haven't been on the new meds. The other ones that the ignorant bitch had me on was not working obviously so this psych. is going to change everything. Have to go back next Thursday 27th to see her & the new therapist. Haven't spoke to her since she pissed me off. But I know I at least have to give her a chance hate to Dr. shop never have done it. So we'll see!!!!

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Leo, I hope you will not pressure yourself about responding. I have felt the same at times in the past when I wanted to offer my support, but found that mental exhaustion had taken over and I had little left to give. I'm sorry things are so challenging for you right now. ;) I hope that you can be patient and kind to yourself now by taking care of your own needs. I also hope you feel better. The community can be a support to you as well. Take care.

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