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Had a bit of success


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Been meeting up with a girl and had sex with her last night at the 3rd meeting. I was a little drunk and I did use a viagra but I do remember everything for the first time. It was first time she had seen/felt my penis and she still seems very interested. In fact we may engage in a full on relationship. The next step is getting comfrtable with sex sober which should be a bit easier now if I stat with this girl for a while.

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Congratulations. That is more than a bit of success. I am smiling for you from ear to ear, that is how good I feel for you about this.


Thx Dr. Still been texting back and forth tonight. Also heard through mutual friends that she wants a relationship. I was a little worried beforehand as she is more experienced than me (although she doesn't know this and hasn't guessed since either). She was asking what size should she expect on our second meeting to which I was a bit vague. I guess if a girl likes you she likes you and your penis.

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Thx Jack.

Just a bit of an update. I am now offically in a relationship and we've slept together 3 times. I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable sexually now and let her give me oral last night. That was one of my biggest concerns as there's no hiding place and she can see it all. My penis still feels small to me but it hasn't put her off me at all. I think with the regular sex of a relationship I can evetually get rid of all my apprehensions.

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