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I feel like he's dead...


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Hi ChasingDreams.

I dont think its insensitive to post here at all. You are grieving, understandably so. Yes I know your ex-partner is still alive, but he is no longer in your life. Its still a loss - and it hurts :)

Heck I split from my ex, a couple of months ago or so now, and I still wanna e-mail him, I miss him so much. And yep it hurts - loads. But like you I dont want to get sucked back into a relationship that had violence in it. It does get easier, but on harsh days the lonelyness and sadness really does kick in.

I hope that you can stay strong and that easier days come along for you soon :o

Take care

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Not insensitive at all, as a matter of fact what you are feeling is common. Truth is you fell in love with someone he wasn't, and you're still in love with that person he portrayed himself to be. I've been in this situation. When the relationship was good, it was a fairy tale but when it was bad, it was a nightmare. It's time to move on, have a friend or family member get his stuff out because all that is doing is aggravating the circumstances. It's hard to be alone, especially when things are ended on an unfinished note of sort. It's hard because there is no closure. But honey, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and busy yourself of making a new life without him in it. Fill your space with things that make you happy. Nothing of his. It's hard to move on, and no matter how long passes, you will always find yourself thinking and wondering at some point about him. Just look beyond this and focus on you and you only. He decieved you by pretending he was someone he wasn't and then he broke you down by abusing you. It's hard to face, but it's a reality that you have to come to terms with. He just wasn't the one. Mr. Right is still out there somewhere, so keep your eyes open. Good luck and big hugs.

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