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Unsure how to describe aching effect properly


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Hi everyone,

this is more of a general question than a "help!!".

There usually comes a time during mood swings and low points, usually after I reach a fed-up, worked up stage where I start off low before over-thinking everything that crosses my path, spiralling everywhere and feeling worn out and disorganised as a result. That's a given and I guess it happens to us all sometimes, regardless of depressions.

So then I reach a time where I feel that sort of rush afterwards, and my forearms will start to ache. It's very hard to describe. It's more in the way that pain could be described feel good. It doesn't, but it's more of a rush of pain than "oh god oh god make it stop". An ache maybe.

I just wondered if people can relate to this, because I'm having a hard time describing it and therefore when people talk about muscles aching I never quite know if we're on the same plane

It's interesting really, my own interpretation is that it's some sort of adrenaline rush of sorts, like your body is helping you out with feeling sorry for yourself with a dose of arm pain, delivered with a grin. I just wanted to talk about it, it's easily one of those things that just happens to everyone, or something we all get but in different places maybe? Or is the inner forearm of any significance?

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I've suffered severe depression all my life, and almost always feel a deep painful ache inside, but not what you are describing!

Maybe what you are experiencing is somatization?? I think that's the term... I'm not a therapist, though!! Just someone who badly needs to see one, haha.

There are probably some references here and around the 'net. It might be a place to start. :-)

Good luck!


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