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Ok, my question isnt so much about my man, who he is, I know he has been abusive.

Ok, I know many abusers call frequently and hang up just to control you.

My exh ( we will remarry) calls me and hang up before I get to take the phone, now lately I have started to call back to let him know I have seen his call, then he call again and when I then chose to take the phone he hang up again, with once.

One day he called 4 times and hang up, but I didnt take the phone. The reason for this is that we both know we never call each other because it is too expensive for us as we are in different countries still, so we only use txts. So this is why I know that my exhs calls are just to hang up, thats why I in the beginning didnt take the phone. I did take the phone one time just to make sure I knew he do it hang up and not for actually talking. And I was right he did hang up when I took the phone.

His calls with hang ups started after the divorce. Its not often he does this, but he did yesterday again and today and it is about the same time in the evening, yesterday he did this even it was two hours till we should be online with each other. I couldnt and cant understand why he calls and hang up.

Unless it is to control if I am available?

But stalkers for example they hide their phone number and they call and hang up just to harass.

My man doesnt hide his number and he doesnt harass, he just call and hang up and call and hang up, in the evening. But my man know, though, that I never take hidden numbers, so maybe this is why he chose to show his number or he wouldnt have any control as I would not call back neither take the phone.

About 9 months ago he did call from hidden number and I didnt take it, said I never take hidden numbers, then I got some hidden calls, but that might probably be from others I dont know. After this I have never gotten any hidden calls.

Should I think my exh do this only for doing it or to control?

Its just I find it weird whats the point calling and hang up if for no reason.

I have wanted to ask him why but I havent and when we chat online again he never mention that he callled me yesterday or that day, he doesnt say why he call only for hanging up. So its weird.

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