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I got fired once again. third job of the summer, this one lasted almost a month. The manager that hired me was fired and the new guy came in and fired me, I was the first to get fired (along with my partner) since he came into the scene. I didn't like him, probably would have quite anyway after he came in. I can never hold a job. I can't work for something i have no interest in, but thats all there is to do. That internal conflict nags at me, and my job always seems worthless, so I inevitably get sloppy (or high) and make a mess of it.

And to finish off my day I talked to a girl this store and got her number, but apparantly she prefered to wait till I was home a texted her to find out that it was the wrong number instead of just telling me she wasn't interested. Wow. I'm usually half decent at picking up cues that someone isn't interested so i do not know what happened. totally played me. cool. This kind of hurtt my ego though, not sure why, did not see it coming ta all i guess.

I havn't told my mom that I was fired yet, she is going to be disapointed. Going to wait until tomorrow.

Going to pretend I am at work and spend the day on the beach getting drunk, aswell as get my bronze going again, Im too white right now, need some sun.

I might go on but basically, life is slapping me in the face, as it usually does,.

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