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Being grateful


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So many here are in great pain :( and I thought it might help to find some positivity and light in the darkness.

What is one thing that you are grateful for today or even at this very moment?

I'll start.

At this moment I am grateful for the soft chair and the quiet time to myself. :)

Anyone else?

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Jai, I hope you are getting some peaceful rest.

Sue, inspiration can be a wonderful thing. Connecting with that is one way of keeping the spirit of others alive too. That's positive, healing energy.

I'm grateful that others are willing to share their thoughts with me. Thank you.

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Grateful for being alive. Grateful for being. I think for me this is really about appreciation. We can focus on the black and whites, the negatives of life...or we can try to allow the grays. It's about planting a seed of hope. We can be aware that we are in pain and respect those feelings, while also trying to move forward through the waters ahead.

Look for the light off in the distance. If you can't see it right now, that's okay...keep walking and you will find it. Know that it's always there.

Something like that.

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If i'm allowed to ask .

Grateful to .. Whom ?

Sure you're allowed to ask. And, you're allowed to view gratitude as needing an object, some{thing} to be grateful to.

But, not everybody sees it that way.

I feel intensely grateful for many things in my life, for the life itself. But I have a hard time imagining a being capable of causing me to be here that simultaneously cares whether I'm grateful.

But the gratitude is nevertheless helpful to me. It helps me appreciate the experiences of life as they happen, rather than look forward with entitlement to something better in the future, or look back with mourning on what has past.

I won't be here very long. That's a simple fact.

I'm grateful that I get to be here at all.

I run the risk of being sad that some day I won't be here, but that's as useless an attitude toward Death as ignoring it completely.

Gratitude keeps me focused on what I can change, which is this moment.

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That's beautiful, Mark, and I couldn't agree more. :(

Lagrima, I write the way I personally feel and, at the same time, I hope that my expressions may connect with others, too. My expressions were not at all solemn to me, though, but rather they were beautiful and hopeful. I like expressing these types of thoughts. That's simply me being me... I'm grateful I am able to be myself.

Not everyone works the same, there is no doubt about that. Everyone has different needs and I always want to respect that. I was hoping to comfort others and offer some hope. That may or may not work, but I wanted to try anyway.

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im grateful that Im having icecream on toast for tea today - and not yucky veg :)

oh and whilst Im on the subject of Veg - Im extremely grateful for chocolate :)

also though, on a serious note - huh, like I werent being serious :(

im very grateful for gertie :)

Beth this is a beautiful thread - Im pleased you wrote it.

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It's equally possible for some to end up having a ' morose ' view of

life with nothing very ' ennobling ' or ' meaningful ' about it .

It just suits them fine .

Sure. It's possible to live one's life all sorts of ways.

It's only a mental health issue if one's way of life becomes dysfunctional.

It's an interesting question, though: either we impose an external standard of what a "functional" life is, then, or we use the person's own perception. And if their perception is "morose", it seems reasonable to ask them whether there couldn't be some way to improve it. Whether or not there's nobility or meaning in it, one could at least hope for happiness, or contentment.

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Hope is a wonderful thing, Solstice. I hope that you can build on this and feel this serenity more and more in your life.

Lagrima, my guess is that everyone views the world through a different lens. Diversity is a beautiful thing.

Happiness and contentment may well be fleeting, but I personally wouldn't question those feelings whenever I felt them. I would enjoy and soak up the good feelings. But then, that is what fits best for me. Others may work differently. Sometimes, though, changing the frame from which one views things can be quite helpful in seeing situations from a different perspective. Doing this has helped me a great deal.

I am grateful today that I am able to express myself well with the written word.

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