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Relationships and the Price thereof


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Life is risk, lagrima. That's what living is about.

I struggle tremendously with loss and also with separation and yet, every time the opportunity to care for another human being presents itself to me, I care for them.


Because I am a loving person and I want to love others.

Nothing lasts forever. Everything ends sooner or later. We might as well feel the joy while it is here before us and not live in fear of what might happen in the future.

I think we are vulnerable in our relationships, but that vulnerability may well be part of our connection with others in being human. As to bad relationships, I think it's very important to have good feelings about oneself. Having healthy feelings about ourselves may help us in taking safe risks vs. unsafe risks. It may also help us in recovering from the pain of any kind of loss. If one has a strong sense of self, recognizing an unhealthy relationship will naturally become easier.

My thoughts on this...

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To be in a relationship, is to be connected at all levels, but to different degrees. I feel like it's impossible to not be affected by losing a relationship. We are made to love, to depend,- we adjust our lives to a pattern and routine that we are comfortable with and we like, including the people we choose to have around us. Just the change alone of having the other around, if the relationship was broken, is hard to get over. We often build our lives around our partner more than what we realize while we are in the relationship.... it's not until we have to remodel what we've built around them after the relationship is severed, that we actually feel and see to full extent, how much we are affected. It takes time, a lot of will power and gradual healing, not to mention adjusting to the many changes, before the wounds heal. In most cases, the wounds turn to scabs, and the slightest jar can knock that scab off and cause it to bleed again. To not be affected by relationships, we would have to be emotionally detached from everyone and everything... I, myself, find that impossible to do.

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