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Wellbutrin 300XL & OxyElite Pro?

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You should talk to a doctor to confirm, probably they won't know anything about OxyElite though and will say not to take it to be safe.

I, OTOH, am not so careful. :P Since you are not on the max dose of Wellbutrin, it would probably be okay but you have to be willing to accept the chance it will make you very very sick if these ingredients and the wellbutrin interact. Everybody's response is different so it may help or it may give you a seizure.

I have no experience with this particular supplement but I am familiar with most leading fat burners out there. There are reasons to be concerned about this one. It has two ingredients, the geranium and yohimbine, that are supposed to affect norepinepherine. The geranium part is also supposed to work on dopamine. Wellbutrin also elevates levels of these neurotransmitters so the concern is whether you are sensitive enough to this such that you will experience a reaction. The geranium ingredient is banned by college testing and int'l doping agencies which in my view is evidence that it in fact works, and anything that works probably has side effects too.

The questions I would ask myself are whether I am likely to be sensitive to these ingredients and how much risk am I willing to take. Symptoms of anxiety or mania would make me more concerned about sensitivity. Past history of seizures or sensitivity to other medications would also be a sign that mixing the two would be a bad idea.

However I happen to be more experimental, so I'll give it a try and if I get sick I know not to do that again. This is how i learned never to take Tramadol when on Wellbutrin. If you have a past history of bad reactions to other meds though, it might be wiser to avoid this risk. Also if you are on any other medications or have other health conditions such as high blood pressure, this would also warrant caution.

In conclusion there are pros and cons, but to weigh them against each other, you need to know your own body and why you would want to take OxyElite Pro in the first place. In the generic case it is recommended to avoid mixing any stimulating supplement with any psychiatric med, but if you have reason to believe this supplement will confer some extraordinary benefit that may justify taking the risk.

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Doubtful. If you had an effect between tramadol and wellbutrin this would show a general sensitivity to central nervous system effects, which would be a clear reason to avoid mixing the two. However absence of a general sensitivity still doesn't rule out that you might have a reaction for a different reason.

I did some Google searching and observed that the main concern coming up when people discuss this on supplement fora is that Wellbutrin has stimulant-like effects for some people and so do the ingredients in OxyElite Pro.

A purported doctor's opinion is posted here:

If your doctor is not knowledgeable about OxyElite Pro you might have better luck asking the pharmacist where you fill the Wellbutrin.

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Guest ASchwartz

Note of caution,

None of us are MD,s and do not have the expertise to comment on medications, com ignitions or their side effects. These are questions that should be taken up with your psychiatrist or other MD, face to face in the doctor,s office.


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