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I just wanted to apologize to some of the people on here for knowing so much about you and not sharing more about myself. I sometimes find myself starting threads and closing them before I am done. I wanted to share a very personal part of myself through a poem. I enjoy poetry for the release with which it allows me to express myself, even if it's only for a few lines...

If my heart should forget

Where my feet once tread

If my veins no longer regret

The way they once bled

May my mind gently remind my soul

Of the hollow that has become a gaping hole

And a mind that once was whole

And the darkness that leers at me like a troll

For the heart cannot judge for itself

What is good for the body's health

The heart gives and gives its infinite wealth

Wishing only to be held instead of thrown on a dusty shelf

This important organ is so naive

Stupid enough to truly believe

That never again will it's blood be squeezed

Into the cloth its ignorance has weaved

My heart wishes to travel once more

Upon the slippery precipice of that shore

May my feet find purchase on the rocky floor

And my my soul find warmth once again resides in its core

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