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I believe in Karma

soaring eagle

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Today i went shopping and ran into a former school bully who bullied me everday. So my self esteem was around 1 and having a crappy home didn't help.

So anyway I saw this person and she let herself go weighing in 200lb. And I'm not the type to confront her and be mean like she did. But I did have a good chuckle I'm a high believer in Karma. Since my new single life I've done some changes like loose some weight and started having positive thoughts.

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Your karma is only and always, simply: you own doing. You laughed at her for being almost as huge as me, that is your karma, consider that.

You bet I get a chuckle at her. She was quite the bully to the point I'm NOT going forget what SHE has done. But at the same time I won't go down to her level and approach her and start bullying her. That is not my style.

And what is "For being almost as huge as me"? I'm not pointing fingers at anybody? Over the years from being a shy,quiet,no self esteem little girl to a an adult with a transformation at time makes me feel quite shy about myself.

I am a strong believer in Karma especially on former bullies what goes around comes around will always be my belief.

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Maybe this is a biiiig stretch, and I am kind of high so bare with me, but this is what I was thinking when I read this, (I am in no way offended by the way, or trying to say that you should have behaved differently. I would have done the same thing in your situation, its sort of human) :

Certainly you did not bully her in the upfront and obnoxious way that she might have done to you in the past, BUT, I mean you chuckled to yourself because she was fat, and more significantly than you may think, you also chuckled with us here, (and perhaps a friend too?) . Is that not at all similar to how she may have chuckled at you for something with her friends in the past? Could you not be perpetuating the same sort of bullying attitude that hurt yourself in the past?

You wanted to laugh and share this post because of how she laughed at you, you were:

NOT going forget what SHE has done
, and I am essentially questioning whether its true that you didn't:
go down to her level and approach her and start bullying her

Because I think on some level, merely by sharing this post, you are perpetuating bullying by being one yourself, and its not really your fault, you have a strong need to post this, to have a laugh, although it's more like revenge...

IT's not your fault, but it is your doing. ., your karma.

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Guest ASchwartz

Soaring eagle and Nathan,

We are really talking about revenge, ie, "what goes around comes around."

I suppose you can take satisfaction in that, but, it,s really empty. Now , you are adult and this bully of the past is really just herself a victim of her life events. It's more important to see her and other such past bullies for the fragile human beings they are.


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I sometimes think what is in a mind of a bully and what triggers them to hurt another person and leave a lasting effect for the rest of their lives. Always will be my question.

Through out all this it has given me the sensitivity not to bully and teach my children not to be bullies. But to be friendly towards that are not fitting in or an outcast at school which they do.

Just seeing the former bully brings back memories that I would like to forget.

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