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Take a breather! Step back and grab a note book or computer and start writing about everything all your thoughts no matter if they are in order or not. Just get it the flick out of your head. If words cannot be formed because of the 'fuzz' sikmply draw. If you are unable to do any of that, go to your back yard, park, lake or something away from people and throw rocks, hit trees, kick the ground or something away from people and things that would land you in trouble. You can even talk out-loud and scream if needed!! (( I personally start screaming for no apparent reason to the point of laughter just to feel better and clear some fuzz. I also do all of the above. It helps me at times. ))

No matter what in the heck is currently going on to make you feel the way you are. You still have to get through your own thoughts. Come back and let us know if you are doing any better.

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