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Very strange problem. Homophobia. It''s very long but please help


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This is going to sound like a very strange and ridiculous problem but it's been reallybothering and I don't have money for a psychologist. It's very long, so please only read if you want to.

I'm a 20 year old guy, and I have had a homophobia against bisexual girls for the last couple of months to the point where I just can't take it anymore. My guy friend had his girlfriend leave him for a girl a few months ago, and then he told me that "all girls are bisexual." I know it's been sort of a trend(at the same time coming out) for girls but when he said all, for some reason it bothered me. I went online to see if any of this was true and I've been reading that it is. I've been getting more and more bothered about this for the past few months until now I can't look at a girl without thinking that she is either bi sexual or bi curios. I know this shouldn't matter, but since my friend told me this the thought of a potential girlfriend(I've never had a grilfriend) doing something with another girl has freaked me out to the point of paranoia, and I don't really know why.

So I finally asked on YA what the girls really thought about this, and most of them said yes it's true that most girls are bisexual at my age and since then it has literally killed me. I don't know where my homophobia is coming from or why's it's there, but the thought of most girls my age(20) liking each other has gotten me into a depression. I don't really know how to deal with this and I really need help because I can't even look a girl and think of her as attractive anymore without thinking "she's bi, it doesn't even matter to you."

Does anyone have any advice for me. I know this might sound like a joke, but I can't stand my homophobia paranoia now.

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Guest GingerSnap

Rest assured that most females in your age group are not bi-sexual or bi-curios. I am not sure where you live, maybe one of those "progressive" cities but really, this is the first time that I have heard this. Keep in mind that any polls and statistics are always slanted in the direction that the person/agency that is doing it want it to come out. The word "homophobia" is being thrown around everywhere but I don't see you even fitting the definition since you don't have a irrational fear of homosexuals. It is understandable that you would start to question this and I don't think any guy wants to date a girl that will drop them for another girl but I think the chances of this happening are not that high. You might consider maybe tweeting your group of individuals that you are hanging out with if it seems prevalent among them and this continues to bother you.

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