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virginity standards


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I'm getting an odd picture of what a "standard virgin" would look like ...

I had a friend who worked at the (U.S.) National Bureau of Standards, back when that's what it was called. That's the place where we keep our physical standards, like precise yardsticks and what-not.

Very weird work: extraordinary precision required, all in the service of complete arbitrariness. To them, it mattered deeply that some standard we just made up was closely adhered to. Of course, they were completely aware of the arbitrary nature of the standards, and they had good reason to need precision.

However, personally, I couldn't care less. To me, Jai, you just seem like a human.

I'm not sure the "when did you lose it" question even deserves an answer, much less agony over what the answer "should" be. I would rather wonder how it makes you feel, and what you think the "guideline" might be?

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