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IDK - but if ya have mo spare.....


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Could it be that it has just been so long that Ive been in pain' date=' emotionally unstable and hallucinating - that now these things no-longer plague me, Ive gotten like this and this is just what everyone is like - Im just not used to it and forgotten what it is like to be without the things I have known to be part of me.[/quote']

This could definitely be a part of it. I would be concerned about not feeling anything, though. It sounds very confusing and frightening. :( Possibly the medication takes longer to work out of your system? I know you don't want to speak to the doctors, Sue, but I would recommend telling them. You can't know what is going on by guessing. Write it down if you don't want to speak.

I'm sorry for your distress. :( I hope things become clearer for you. Take care.

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