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Favorite Movie?

soaring eagle

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"Gifted Hands" stands out in my mind. The true story of a black boy who grows up in Detroit in the 60's and is raised by a single mother, is failing in school and constantly tells himself he is stupid. His mother constantly tells him he is a smart, talented boy. It is later discovered he is vision impaired, he gets glasses, his grades pick up, he develops a love for science, his teachers pick up on this and encourage him. He grows up to become a renowned neurosurgeon and the first one in the world to successfully separate conjoined twins.

It is a truly inspirational movie about the power of positive words, belief and encouragement from adults and how they can affect a child's life. So many of us here on this site have received just the opposite but for those of us who are parents, there is always hope for the next generation.

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Top Gun. Liked that one. :) I can remember the first time I saw that movie. My H had moved away to Florida (before we were married) and we continued with a long-distance relationship. Anyhow, I was visiting him in Florida (must be around the time I discovered that I had a serious fear of flying :eek:) and he'd gone to work for the day. I was bored, searching through his videos and found that one. I enjoyed it.

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Mine would probably have to be Stand by Me. It's so dark, but touching at the same time. It's only one of two movies to have EVER made me cry. I've seen it ten times (all within the last year,) and it never seems to lose its impact. I'm completely absorbed every time.

My favorite series would probably be Indiana Jones (except for the last one.) He kicks Nazi-ass!

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JaiJai I know. :) MP comedy is not accessible to everyone but I'm a huge nerd, so there.

If you look at it critically though it really is a masterpiece of a film. The way the sets are designed, the way the background noises accentuate the comedy without the viewer noticing (until you reeally pay attention), and so on. It takes a surprising amount of skill and art to make something that silly.:cool:

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Midnight Cowboy. Love it half because to the brilliant harmonica tune without which it wouldn't be the same. Powerful bit where the coin operated TV in Joe's hotel room runs out of money during footage of a dog being forced in to a Toupée and bikini. Very hopeless film with hopelessly emotional harmonica music..don't listen to it if you want to have an efficient day, DO listen if you want to feed of melancholia all day long!

Spirited away cause it's stunning

"Naked", which I've only seen once but a very good gloomy weary film. Shows a lot of what is in all of us..like when we have our gloomy deep days, and you forget/deny that for everyone else it could be a perfectly bright one, entirely out of character with how you feel. Like world weariness of people around you is out of phase. The film sort of has a bit of that, a sort of waking up from the dream in to the sharp, hard working reality of normal people. Or that's all bullshit. But what I took from it was that very contrast

Not everything is so serious but I prefer to take light films as they come, on the moment. Think the serious ones sink in more and are worth discussing!

It's enjoyable seeing how people differ from lists like this! Film lists are far more interesting than favorite music lists, much more revealing since you pretty much have to concentrate on a film (unless you're the person everyone gets irritated by who never pays attention and wants to chat over them)

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