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Ways of springing out of idleness??


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Sometimes it takes half a day of me thinking nonsense to suddenly realize I've spent the day sat in my bedroom.

If it's a good day I'm able to think..well if I stand up suddenly, I might actually do something today. Like, really quickly, just stand up without thinking what happens after. Not too difficult, and once you're up you might as well not sit back down again cause then I'd be beyond help

That's a useless example, doesn't help morale, my future, my life, but it's something at least. My question was if anyone has any reliable ways of just DOING, even if simple as just standing up on impulse, then deciding what to do after..because even if it doesn't bring on any form of high, you're in a new situation in an instant. Which helps once you see you've been in the same one for too long.

Running out of ideas to snap out of vegetable states...reclusiveness is another thing, but right now I just want to find more ways of doing what I enjoy rather than locations with the same freaking house being too far away. Useful thought processes maybe? Ones which don't spiral and drown you preferably. I can't avoid those right now and am clueless, I've never talked about depression with anyone in my life and only used to come online here to post florid "what am I feeling?" thoughts then got bored of myself. Just need to snap out of escapism and nothingness, as I know once I'm "alright" I can at least be busy for a few hours at a time

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Get a calendar out, and start filling in each day with something, could be anything as long as its out of your room. You'll probably be able to fill in one or two days then realise you have a hell of a lot more time to fill in. Put yourself in social settings. People with people.

If you keep sitting doing nothing, everything about you will begin to shut down. Mentally and physically you body will begin to obscure itself. You will become numb and dumb if you keep doing this. This is really a very desparate situation. Once you really begin to see and feel that, you will be so terrified and discontent with your situation that you will simply just start going, no thought process will do this for you. There is no simple reliable method for DOING, any method proposed to be such is really a little shiny blue sphere glowing in your mind which will seduce you into nothingness, and bodily paralysis.

Mind you that is a bit of an extreme, I m just trying to give you a little push because you need it.

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Depression just sucks. Plainly put. The best thing to do is keep yourself busy. If you don't make a schedule and fill it, you'll say "oh I'll just do it tomorrow." but then you don't. Then you become a recluse like me. Withdrawing yourself from people and the outside world is something you have to avoid. Losing enjoyment in everything is something else that will keep you stuck in your own little world. Although going out with friends or taking a walk may not be something that sounds exciting to you at the time, but do it anyway. Believe it or not, it will make you feel better. Far better than sitting at home in a room, staring at the walls. :)

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Guest cokeaine

Well, at least you acknowledge you need to change. That's the first step in finding the solution.

I also have this problem, not that much, but more often than not, it occurs. It also helps to do what Jenna said, but also to have someone there with you that knows what is on the schedule so they can come and make you do it. It helps doing things with a trusted friend as well.

I understand your problems though, man. Sometimes I just sit in my room and think life is boring and everything is dull but that's not the way to be. You have to make every possible effort to try to get past this. I do too.

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