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i come to find places like this and i understand the necessity of making sure that the messages wirtten aren't going to be triggering, insulting or completely inappropriate for the site. on the other hand, i need help right now and i can't call anyone because i don't have a phone. what the hell am i supposed to do while i'm being vetted by this site?

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I'm here and listening, mills. I would like to welcome you to our community. I'm sorry you are feeling so distressed and upset. :(

We've just moved our community and we are still getting used to the adjustments, so there still may be some tweaking to do. The post approvals are put in place as spam protection.

We're here to support you.

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Seddy, it's never really okay to make that kind of joke about suicide. You know that no one would do that to you, here.

And with the internet, for all we know, this person might have taken their own life after their last post.

I'm sure that wouldn't make you feel very good about having teased them.

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