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Wow.. I have been MIA for awhile.


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I don't know if there are many here that remember me..its been a long, long time..I popped in just to see who was around and boy..format change..when did this happen.

My life has taken me on a new path..nothing really has changed other than finacially getting worse..mom is still alive..can't believe it..she is amazing, bedridden going on eleven years now..I fear that she is going to out live me! so the struggle still continues, just found new ways to cope the best that I can.

I hope those who do remember me, are doing well.


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Hello, shanrucus, and welcome to the new forum. :) I definitely remember you. :) It's good to hear from you.

Your mother must have an amazing spirit. I'm glad that you are coping all right with the caretaking. That has to be so very challenging. I hope you are able to take some time to yourself now and then to rest and recharge.

This is actually an entire new web site. The former site owners weren't sponsoring the community any longer so we converted everything here and made us a new home. Same people, different look. We're happy to have you here with us. Take care.

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Its good to hear from you too.. I love this format..seems so much user friendly. Yes mom has incredible spirit...I recieved a grant that re-emburses me for someone to stay with her while I take time to myself..that has helped..sad thing June 30th was the end of grant..but should be able to renew..hopefully.

I have been blessed with wonderful and supportive people from all walks of life. I coming up for air, was lost for awhile there..but coming back strong and heading the issues that are before me straight on..its tough.stiill have bad days..but I move on to the next day..learning to let go and live in the moment.

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