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And I want to change the world. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for a very long time. But I'm not afraid anymore. I'm in the process of writing a manifesto to draw attention to, and promote advocacy for mental and behavioral health issues. For so many of us it's a matter of shame, embarrassment and fear. And that doesn't matter whether you're even in treatment or not. So many hurting individuals out there refuse support simply for the stigma associated with being "mental" - it took me almost 27 years to seek treatment. Another 10 years in treatment helped, but kept me kosher. Just towing the line between being well and being melancholy. Never happy, but never sad - not really sad. Not the kind of sad that accompanies the death of a loved one. I went through that. I cried once. Maybe twice. I would not have been able to handle that or more recent episodes had it not been for me actively seeking therapy and taking meds. And now I feel inclined to begin to tell my story. To share it with those that can relate, understand and perhaps even benefit from what I have been through. If nothing else, I hope to provide inspiration. To show those of you out there who are afraid that there are others out here like you. We're real people, with real jobs, kids, soccer practice and dirty dishes. And some of us are survivors that are fed up with the embarrassment and shame.

I hope to make many friends, and I'll no doubt make a few enemies. I've always been afraid of that. Of what people thought about me. About being the people pleaser and the fixer. I'm intimately familiar with most of the terms that we fling around to label ourselves. And I'm in the process of examining myself from a new perspective. Not as someone who is "mental" but as a human being. We're all human beings. We all yearn for love and happiness and to be free from suffering. I've always felt I was meant to do something big. Maybe this is it. Maybe I'll fall on my ass. Maybe I have the grand delusions of one person somehow shaking up the status quo. Maybe I'm not meant to do anything other than write a few blog posts that have no impact on anyone whatsoever. I might get hit by a bus on my way into to work tomorrow. We'll see. Let the chips fall where they may. I'm not afraid anymore.

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